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At Revolution Dance Center we hope to educate dancers in multiple styles of dance for well-rounded training.


Ballet is a fundamental style of dance. It teaches basic technique that a dancer will need and helps dancers gain more control and grace. These are important skills to have as a dancer and at Revolution Dance Center we make sure every dancer has an understanding of the importance of ballet so that they can connect it to the rest of their training


Jazz helps a dancer understand style. Not only must a dancer have proper technique, but they must know how to move through their body. Jazz is a fun and strong style for dancers to work on their performance skills and expressivity. 


Tap helps dancers with rhythm. Rhythm is important because dancers must know how to hear various beats and understand musicality. Understanding musicality will help dancers connect to the music and improve timing. Tap is also good for strengthening ankles and improving foot coordination.


Lyrical and Contemporary teach a dancer how to use their emotion. Lyrical helps dancers to be smooth and fluid in their movements and transitions. Lyrical uses ballet technique while also incorporating softer jazz elements. Contemporary incorporates modern technique and ballet technique. 


Hip Hop teaches a dancer to be hard hitting and smooth at the same time. It takes style from jazz technique, and incorporates different dynamics and quick movement. 


Musical Theater teaches a dancer to be expressive through dancing and acting at the same time. It teaches dancers to use facial expressions and to portray characters through dancing. Musical Theater would also help those dancers who want to consider a career in Broadway or any other theater company in the future. 

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